Estate Sale Services

Experience a streamlined estate sale process with our professional services. 

We guide you through the below phases, from organization to pricing, marketing, and successful sale completion.

 Trust our expertise for a seamless and efficient estate sale. 

Phase 1: Free Consultation

Take the first step towards a successful estate sale with our complimentary consultation, including a thorough home walk-through. Our dedicated team will assess your needs, provide expert guidance, and create a personalized plan to ensure a smooth and efficient process. 

***Before discarding or donating any items, make sure to meet with us first. You never know what treasures you might have, and we can help you determine their value and potential for your estate sale.

Schedule your free consultation today and let us transform your estate sale experience. 

Phase 2: Getting Ready 

Once we set a sale date, we can begin working in your home as soon as possible. Our expert team meticulously organizes and prices the items in your home. We go the extra mile by bringing in tables and carefully staging each room, creating an appealing and enticing environment for potential buyers. 

We also handle advertising and professional photography, capturing the essence of your items and effectively promoting your sale to attract a wide range of interested buyers. You can trust us to lay the foundation for a successful estate sale experience.

Phase 3: The Sale Days

Most estate sales span three days (Friday to Sunday), while larger estates may require an extended four-day duration (Thursday to Sunday). Before each sale, we put up eye-catching signage in multiple areas to guide customers to the event. Additionally, we strategically reorganize the home throughout each day to optimize the visual appeal of remaining items and increase sales. 

We prioritize convenience by offering customers multiple payment options, ensuring a seamless and flexible transaction process. Whether it's cash, credit cards, or digital payments, we accommodate various preferences to enhance the buying experience at our estate sales. The final day is 50% discount day, which attracts repeat buyers and facilitates property clearance. 

Phase 4: Wrapping Things Up

As we conclude the estate sale, you can choose if we leave the unsold items in the home or you can add on our clean-out service. With our clean-out service, our ethical approach shines through. We prioritize sustainability by donating items to local charities and diligently recycling whenever possible. Our commitment to minimizing waste ensures that nothing valuable goes to waste, fostering a positive impact beyond the sale and reflecting our values of responsible estate liquidation.

Within 5-7 business days following the sale, we will promptly deliver your final check along with a detailed income report, accounting for the total revenue generated and any additional expenses incurred. We offer the convenience of providing this information either in person or by mail, ensuring transparency and efficient financial closure for your estate sale.