About Us

At Reflection Estate Sales, our mission is inspired by a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact. We started this venture with a vision to help individuals during life transitions, offering compassionate support and expert guidance. 

Our commitment extends beyond the personal realm, as we strive to reduce waste by repurposing and recycling items whenever possible, contributing to a sustainable future. Moreover, we believe in fostering community connections, bringing people together through our sales and creating meaningful interactions. With a passion for people, the environment, and community, we are dedicated to serving others while making a difference in the world. 

The Reflection Estate Sales Team


Alicia is a well-rounded team member who brings a special set of skills to the table. With a compassionate heart and degree in psychology, she has a deep understanding of the emotional journey involved in estate sales, allowing her to provide compassionate support to our clients. 

Her talent for appraising items, coupled with her tech-savviness and sales expertise, plays a vital role in ensuring the success of our estate sales. 


Victor is a highly valued member of our team who wears many hats. From handling transportation and appraisals to assisting with sales and client meetings, he seamlessly navigates multiple responsibilities. Victor's empathetic approach makes everyone he meets feel like an instant friend, reflecting his genuine heart for helping others. 

Auzzie & Quanta

When we're not doing estate sales, our adorable dogs keep us grounded. With wagging tails and loving kisses, they remind us to pause, play, and cherish the present. They truly are our four-legged sanity saviors, bringing endless smiles and tail-wagging happiness.